Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Can you really do all that you claim on your web site?

Ans: Yes, Greybeard Technology will not make idle claims or promises on the things we can do for your business. If we cannot grant your request for a certain piece of technology, we will find someone who can. Our goal is to serve our clients to the utmost.

Que: You state that if I do not like your service, I can cancel it. Is this true?

Ans: Yes, that is true with stipulations, of course. If you enter into a contract with Greybeard Technology and are not happy with your results or displeased with your service, you can cancel the contract by giving us a 90-day written desire to do so. Also at the end of the time, your account must be paid in full with respect to the work that has been done and all equipment purchased. This is unheard of in the business, and as far as we know, Greybeard Technology is the only tech company who offers this.

Que: I am not a technical person, and I am turned off by companies who come in and speak over my head. Do you have someone on your staff that can explain these things in plain language?

Ans: That is a question we hear all the time, and the answer is yes. We are the experts, but we have the expertise to explain what we do in plain language. We do not expect our clients to understand the technical aspects of what we do as we may not understand all the technical aspects of what your company does. We work together with you to educate you so you can make informed decisions on what you may need.

Que: How do you know what my company may need when I may not be sure what I may need?

Ans: When Greybeard Technology is invited into your business, we come in and do a full assessment of your total infrastructure free of any costs. We look at everything from email to web site. From there, we will sit down with you with our recommendations and the costs. The decision is yours on how you want us to proceed.

Que: There are so many companies who can do what you can do for us. Why should we choose you? 

Ans: You are so right. What sets Greybeard Technology apart from others is our desire to take the worry of technology off your shoulders and allow you to do what you do best “Run your business.” We look at your company as if it is part of us. We find cost-effective solutions for your business. We are a resource for you. We give you excellent customer service. We will usually give you alternatives with the pros and cons of each. We believe that we work for you. Check out our customer mission statement.

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