With Networks becoming more complex and an integrated part of your business, it is important to understand your entire network, management of your network, and how it could affect your business.

Have you ever thought to yourself – How would my business function if I didn’t have email, internet, or your billing application? At Greybeard Technology, we understand those questions and concerns. We offer the network assessment to help you better understand where you have weaknesses and what needs improved.

How do you balance the needs for this along with static budgets, limited resources, and the need to continuously innovate?

Greybeard Technology offers this solution to you “free of charge”. This solution allows us to come to your business and complete a server/desktop inventory, network infrastructure inventory, services inventory, and high level interviews with your staff. From this, we will generate a report on items and recommendations. Feel free to use us for this service! Again, it is no charge.


Have you ever asked yourself – “Am I at Risk”, “Are my vendors at risk”? You might have, or might not have. The reality of it is most organizations have a regulatory requirement to now look at the vendors and how it could impact your business. This service allows us to investigate your vendors on your behalf, generate a list of your vendors, important contact information, support information and provide it to you as needed.


Your website is your first impression to the world! With so many consumers actively searching or “googling” a service or item they need, it is very important that you have a reactive and proactive website that will meet the demands of your customers. You want to make sure that your users enjoy your site, find it useful, and continue to use your website over and over again. We make sure your website is a quality and sound product.

Greybeard Technology employs a variety of web development experts that can assist in any project you need. Our experts have worked on websites scaling from the SMB market to Fortune 500 companies. No job is too small or large for our experts!


We get it – All companies want to be large enough to have a CIO but might not have the resources or money. Don’t let that stop you from having that service. Our Virtual CIO offering allows you to have the “seasoned” CIO that will make recommendations, work with your infrastructure, develop and manage strategic plans as well as ensure the IT/business alignment is happening. The virtual CIO is a fraction of the cost to employ a full time CIO.

Here is how Greybeard solution can help you:

  1. Decrease the cost of IT expertise
  2. Increase your business agility
  3. Meet your IT challenges
  4. Align IT with your business goals
  5. Create a living strategic roadmap for success
  6. Benefit from our industry-proven results-based methodology


Did you ever find yourself in needing a short term, long term or permanent hire to your team? Our staffing experts can help you with any needs that arise. This solution allows you to respond rapidly to changing technology and business demands without hiring full-time additional staff, leverage the business, and process knowledge of highly-certified engineers for long-term or short-term projects.

We can also help with those “soft searches” that might come up. Don’t worry- Greybeard Technologies is highly confidential when we recruit for a position. We don’t give out company details to a candidate until you are ready for that potential candidate to know. We will advertise, interview, and provide you with a report of the candidates and his/her abilities.Use us as much or as little as you desire.