When you enter into an IT Support managed services contract with Greybeard Technology, you are purchasing a peace of mind solution. We maintain all of your servers, networking equipment, workstations, and mobile devices to meet your business needs. With this service, we also monitor your equipment to address possible issues before they happen. No longer will you be shocked to come into an office and have your server not functioning. We will notify you 24/7 of any outages/issues that might arise. By using a flat-rate monthly billing, we are committed to making sure that all of your equipment is running as efficiently as possible. We want you to be able to focus on what you do best, your business!

Don’t want to enter into a monthly contract? No problem. Feel free to use us as needed with a time & materials contract. We will still continue to do our best to make sure your equipment is running efficiently and provide support as issues arise.


BCP (Business Continuity Program) and DR (Disaster Recovery) are two critical areas that we focus highly on at Greybeard Technology. Never do we want you to have to worry about your data integrity or the risk of having a server go down. We offer a simple, turnkey solution for your data backups. We manage the installation of the hardware, setup of the software, and monitor the day-to-day operations of all; you just provide the data.

Need a file restored? Call us! We can restore a system or file at any 15-minute interval that you request. Our solution is fast, reliable as well as affordable!

We have partnered with a stalwart in the back up industry, Unitrends. Unitrends was founded in 1989 and has been providing an excellent product since it was founded. We can offer a virtual appliance or physical appliance to manage your data backups. View some of the resources below to find out more about Unitrends.



24/7/365 system monitoring !

Your data never sleeps, so why should we? We are here to protect your systems and provide pro-active support as needed. We can monitor all or some of your systems, dependent upon your request. As issues arise, our experienced staff will assign a ticket number, identify the system, assign a priority, and contact you with critical issues. Don’t worry–we won’t wake you up for any alert that isn’t important.