Buying a new server or SAN?

Roy DeShal/Network Solutions Architect/Co-Owner

While I am sitting here reflecting on several events over the past 2-3 weeks and talking with fellow co-workers about how things are transpiring and trying to read the future, I have come to the conclusion that we cannot predict the future; we need to form the future and make it what we want. You’re probably asking, “What does this have to do with storage, servers, or the cloud?” Let me say this: too often we fall into the rut of doing "what everyone else does," buying the same equipment that everyone else does, using the same professional services another company does, and finally the worst one, doing things because "We have always them this way."

We have some exciting products that don't fall into the "normal" category or might not be on your preferred vendor shortlist. Give them a try. We stand behind all of our products, manufacturers, and vendors. Furthermore, we have expert support to help with your planning and implementation and even decomission. We really do go the extra mile for our customers. Looking back to a recent SAN install we did with a customer, the wiring was several years old from pre-2008 times. We were installing new storage and computer resources for them, and this problem goes against our one of our goals and objectives: never install equipment and not have it function properly. What did we do? We ran new cabling for the customer, tested, and certified the cable all at no additional charge. We believe strongly in our creed of doing the job correctly. Turning something that could have had negative consequences into something that was stable and productive. All in a day’s work. We were able to do this because of our partnership with a company which has amazing storage and computer resources--NEC. I want to talk about NEC.

When people hear the brand name NEC, most immediately think of monitors, projectors, and other accessories. What many people don't associate with NEC is enterprise grade storage and computer resources. NEC has a very amazing line of products from the M110 SAN to the M910 series all with plenty of computing resources. All of this begs the question, “Why NEC?” The fact of the matter is the hardware is excellent, support is excellent (USA Based), and the product doesn't break the bank. When a company looks at a 5-year total cost of ownership (TCO), it also reflects a lesser cost per year, and 4/5 warranty is significantly less than Dell, HP, EMC, etc. A person can also mix different types of drive speeds in the same enclosure, add some cache to the SAN, and even replicate to other devices.

Let me share some links.

NEC M110 SAN (Link Here)

NEC R120F 1U Server Link Here

Contact us today for a more in depth experience with NEC products. We love showing you the in's and out's and helping you break free from the norm.

About Us: 

Greybeard Technology, LLC’s creation in 2011 as an IT support company began with a simple idea to provide small and medium businesses the technology resources of larger businesses which have full-time IT departments. We pride ourselves in providing the services and products you need so you can concentrate on what you do best–manage your business. Our technicians have many certifications to better serve you in the ever-growing and more complicated world of global technology. We believe no problem is too small for us nor too large for us to bring about a solution.

The team is constantly heightening its skills to give your business today’s technology so you can compete locally, nationally, and/or internationally. To keep abreast of an ever changing technological world, Greybeard’s technicians hold several Cisco certifications:  CCNA and CCNP in routing and switching; CCDA; CCDP design; CCNA security;  as well as vmware certifications in data center virtualization: Associate, Professional, and Advanced Professional. Our web site development team utilizes current language and database technologies. Our QuickBooks expert is Intuit certified in QB and QBPOS. We back up your data and continually monitor your network environment 24/7 to inform you of internet outages or other possible situations that may disrupt your day-to-day business.

When you invite Greybeard Technology into your business atmosphere, we do a full assessment of your entire infrastructure, including everything from your network to your email environment. This assessment is a courtesy so both your company and Greybeard know exactly the age of your equipment, the speed of your connectivity, etc. After analyzing and cataloging the data, we will then sit down with you and your team to discuss existing problems you may have and your growth potential.

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